Recent court case outcome

On Wednesday, November 22nd 2017 Stan Poe will enter a plea of “No Contest” to a ludicrous charge of public indecency regarding two fifty-something men on his neighbor’s property claiming to have seen Stan unclothed while stepping out of Poe’s hot tub. 

“Having already invested $1,500.00 in attorney fees and facing the distinct possibility of spending an additional, similar amount for same… it simply makes no sense to ‘fight this allegation’ when I can pay a $250.00 fine and be done with it”!  Poe’s No Contest plea is more than it appears on the surface, in that Stan plans to provide still picture(s) and video footage of both his private back yard and enclosed deck with hot tub.  “You be the judge…”  “Can anyone of average intelligence see any possible way that this entire scenario makes any sense?”, says Poe!

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