Meet Stan

Stan with his wife, Theresa while in central Texas
Stan with his wife, Theresa while in central Texas

Stan Poe has a vision for Bettsville, Ohio.  That vision includes immediate and swift change in the way village council and other administration “listen to” the residents of Bettsville!  “This village needs to be inclusive and relatable to the residents and visitors when it comes to making both long and short term plans and in the ‘taking of action’ of those plans!” stated Poe recently.

Poe, having “sat in on” nearly every village council meeting for two years now, made a desicion several months ago to run for an “open seat” as soon as one [or more] became available.  Believing that both his background and personality lend themselves to relating to nearly every type of individual, Poe plans to actively and continually recruit input every week.  “There is so much simple technology yet untapped by this village… and [it] can be used to easily communicate and disseminate valuable information to-and-from the public.  I believe that, with the direction and oversight of village administration, I can bring and put this  technology to use for the betterment of Bettsville.”  Poe created and still maintains both the original Internet website and social media efforts for both the village of Bettsville and H. P. Eells (Bettsville) Park!

In addition to his vast experience and plans for technology use within the village, Poe also sees much opportunity to really enhance the living experience within Bettsville and surrounding areas!  That includes the interaction between the village and Bettsville’s public school system.  “Our school should and can be one of our most valuable assets.  In some ways, the school system is currently in decline and I hope to help turn that around with several ‘already in the planning’ concrete ideas!”  Poe attended public school here in Bettsville from kindergarten with Mrs. Cornell to graduating in 1974.  He went on to attend the Central Texas University acquiring a real estate licensing certificate with a business law focused curriculum while working full time in the central Texas area as a professional rental properties manager.  Poe managed over 200 rental properties simultaneously, interacting with tenants, contractors and property owners… many whom were stationed overseas while based at Fort Hood Texas.

Poe returned to Bettsville, Ohio from central Texas in 1992 seeing his oldest daughter and two sons graduate from the high school.  He married Theresa [Grabenstetter] Shriver of Bettsville and has resided at 112 Union Street for 20 years now…  Theresa is a former professional hair stylist, having operated and managed her own salon (on property) for more than 20 years.  She now works at a business in Tiffin, Ohio.

Poe is committed whole-heartedly to helping “save” what needs to be saved about Bettsville, while “changing” what needs to be changed about Bettsville!  He hopes for your influence and help with those efforts!

Stan Poe is a Bettsville native and direct descendent* of John Betts, founder of the village. As a conscientious resident, running for Bettsville Village Council,
 Stan is out to do what he has done for over 20 years in the business world: achieve real, tangible results for the people who call Bettsville their home. Stan is a natural problem-solver and long-term thinker. As a village council member, Stan will serve as he always has: by bringing people together to identify real solutions, and then seeing them through to completion.

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