Addressing controversies of late -Head ON!

Stan Poe has always been a firm believer of addressing any issue,
especially any controversy “Head ON!”  Recent issues not-withstanding, Poe tells it like it IS and has little regard for the outcome due to others’ thoughts or statements to the contrary!

Current allegations from two particular [men] neighbors regarding Poe’s deck, hot tub and back yard:
Just “how ridiculous is THIS?!  Poe is convinced that the allegation of “public indecency” within his own ‘trees and bushes lined’ back yard is spurred to influence the outcome of the upcoming election!  “Their stories don’t match”; “Any viewable vantage point is not possible unless [someone] were to be standing in my backyard!”; “Durst’s initial comment to Poe being, ‘Council will love to see THIS’… ‘You’re done now, Poe’, ‘You’re DONE’! leaves little to the imagination as to why he stated those immediate words!”

Any courtroom appearance, should it come to that, is currently “pending” and Poe’s attorney team is confident of the full truth and findings becoming very apparent either then or prior to any court date!

2007 Hotel trespass incident, police report, allegations and final court disposition of same:
In 2007, Stan visited a Fremont, Ohio hotel in order to use the hot tub in an attempt to alleviate back pain from spinal injuries years prior and current.  Upon leaving the hotel, Stan was detained by Fremont police asking if he was a registered guest of the hotel.  Stan advised that indeed he was not; and that he had visited the hotel for the specific reason stated previously…  After further discussion on-site Stan was allowed to leave the hotel property, but advised that he may be contacted at a later time.  Some time later, a charge of “trespass” was issued and Stan met with both his attorney at the time and Sandusky County prosecutor’s office.

After brief discussion, Stan plead a no-contest to the trespass charge, paid a fine and agreed to a community service arrangement which has since been met.  No additional charge(s) were pursued either at that time nor since.