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Stan Poe, candidate for Mayor of Bettsville, Ohio and current Village Councilman
Stan Poe, current Bettsville village councilman

Recent court case

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Councilman Stan Poe will be serving his
term through December 31st, 2017

Contact Mr. Poe anytime
 by the following methods:

Stan@Biehler-PoeEnterprises.com business email
that forwards directly to his cellphone!

419-618-0747 text or telephone anytime

Facebook fan page: Click Here
Website for village information:  BettsvilleOhio.com 

P.O. Box 142 / Bettsville, OH 44815-0142
(Biehler-Poe Enterprises, llc address)

112-A Union St / Bettsville, Ohio 
(physical address / BPE, llc) by appointment

Twitter communication: @GoStanPoe

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